2014 Session Times

by September 1, 2014

Session Information

The final touches on session information have been finished off and we are now thrilled to present you with the line up for Dramafest 2014!

Monday 22nd September Session One 7:30pm

Youthfest Winner / Runner Up
The Man Who Couldn't Dance (10 Minute Spotlight)
Flight of Fancy
At Home With the Herringbones

Wednesday 24th September Session Two 7:30pm

My Socks Stay On
Flop Cop (10 Minute Spotlight)
Picasso's Women (Dora)

Friday 26th September Session Three 7:30pm

Two and a Half Pints (10 Minute Spotlight)
After Life: The Essential Handbook
Youthfest Winner / Runner Up

Saturday 27th September Session Four 2:00pm

The Broken Slipper
The Promise of Being You (10 Minute Spotlight)
A Duchess on Thursday

Saturday 27th September Session Five 7:30pm

I Dream Before I Take the Stand
The Drive (10 Minute Spotlight)
Mag and Bag
The Perfect Heart

Sunday 28th September Session Six 10:00am

Level 12
Judgement Call (10 Minute Spotlight)
Cut it Out
Love and Other Flushes

Sunday 28th September Session Seven 2:00pm

Hotel L'Amour
The Cost of Living (10 Minute Spotlight)
Under Any Old Gum Tree

Sunday 28th September Gala Evening 5:00pm