Lennon: Through a Glass Onion

by April 19, 2015

Lennon: Through a Glass Onion will return to Australia following a sold out season of 122 performances
in New York. The internationally acclaimed theatrical event celebrating the genius, music and
phenomenon of John Lennon which we know and loved as LOOKING THROUGH A GLASS ONION
was re-produced and rebranded for its Off-Broadway debut at the Union Square Theatre.

Created and performed by renowned Australian actor/musician John Waters and esteemed singer/pianist
Stewart D’Arrietta, Lennon: Through a Glass Onion, part concert and part biography, reveals the
essence of the life and astonishing talent of one of the most admired icons of the past century with a story
and 31 songs including “Imagine,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Revolution,” “Lucy In the Sky with
Diamonds,” “All You Need is Love,” “Come Together,” “Help,” “Working Class Hero,” “Mother,”
“Jealous Guy,” and more.

“It was truly an emotional experience seeing Lennon: Through a Glass Onion in New York at its
American premiere” said producer Harley Medcalf. “We were overwhelmed, blessed really, to have the
support of Yoko Ono and the Lennon Estate. As Charles Waterstreet (Fairfax) said, “We should get out
the streamers and confetti to shower D’Arrietta and Waters in an open limousine to the steps of our town
halls””. The show will return to the US following the Australian tour in April/May.

John Waters added “To be embraced by New Yorkers as we were from October to January, this was a
great reward for all of us who worked so hard to get our show there, at the Union Theatre. It truly felt as
though Glass Onion had in fact given the city what it needed, to reconcile their own sense of loss of a
much loved ‘son’, as John Lennon came to be. Night after night, our audiences stood to acknowledge us,
and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

In 1992, twelve years after Lennon’s death, Waters and D’Arrietta first conceived and performed Lennon:
Through a Glass Onion on a small stage at the Tilbury Hotel in Sydney. The show was an instant success.
In the years that followed, Waters and D’Arrietta toured the show and played sold out engagements at
venues including The Sydney Opera House. The show performed a three-month engagement in London’s
West End.

“Its been fantastic the response the show is receiving, especially from the younger audiences that are coming
along, some of whom were not even born when Lennon and The Beatles were recording and releasing their
music. It’s a testament to the legacy of the man and his music that still excites and intrigues people to this
day” says Waters.

“It never ceases to amaze us how many people still request to see the show, even after our last lengthy tour,
we’re constantly getting emails and messages asking when is the show coming back, so its great that the
demand and interest is always there”, says Waters.

“The song Glass Onion was John Lennon’s postscript to The Beatles. It had such a strong image of crystal
ball-gazing and peeling away the layers that it inspired the format for this show – a kaleidoscope collage of
song, word, emotion and image”, agrees D’Arrietta with Waters.

For the audience this is either an emotional trip down memory lane or a wonderful introduction to the life
and times of one of the most fascinating icons of our time.


Lennon’s spirit shine through on “Glass Onion” NEW YORK POST
D’ARIETTA is a powerful pianist with strong beats for a Honky Tonk CURTIN UP NEW YORK
His credible take on Lennon’s Liverpudlian dialect is top notch, meritoriously channeling the
singer/songwriter’s acerbic wit and rebel yell moxie over the course of the 90 minute one act concert
“a remarkable celebration of a unique talent… Waters does it brilliantly”
“John Waters encapsulate the essence of Lennon.” CAPITOL RADIO, LONDON