Irish Players One Act Season

by August 6, 2015

3 for 1 knock out night!

W.A.G is a black comedy about a long suffering but dedicated “perfect wife” of a sports star who discovers that his latest infidelity may be more than just a fling…  Confronted with an unimaginable life without him, she summons the object of his affection to their home to see what her competition is like – and to get answers!  The two women, pitted against each, other battle it out.  Hell hath no fury like a WAG scorned!!!

Over the Top is set in a trench on the battlefields of the Great War of 1918.  The play portrays the harsh reality experienced by soldiers in this war against the Germans – as well as their patriotism and dedication to “King and Country”.  With a combination of Irish and British soldiers, the audience will experience the sarcastic exchanges between them as they reflect on the loved ones they left behind “to fight this war of fools”, but, as their reality intensifies, the climax of the play portrays the sheer brutality experienced by our so called “heroes”.

Voices in the Rubble is a wild absurdist comedy which captures the highs and lows of a life after you have “tied the knot”.  A wonderfully fast moving piece played out on many levels, filled with affairs, dreams and dead bodies in the fridge!  This play will have you on the edge of your seat as it takes you through the roller-coaster ride that is forty years of marriage – all neatly compressed into 40 minutes!!

Tickets available here or check their website for more information.