October Letter

October Letter

by October 4, 2015

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

I have a feeling Lucy M. Montgomery might have somehow known about all the One Act festivals that were planned for Perth in September. What a fantastic time for everyone: the South West One Act Drama Festival at the Bunbury Repertory Club, the Hills Festival Of Theatre at Marloo Theatre, Youthfest 2015 at Playlovers, and Dramafest 2015 at Melville Theatre Company. That not even mentioning the myriad of One-Act seasons various clubs have put on in the lead up to the festivals. SO. MUCH. GOOD. THEATRE.

Of course, there are lists of award winners, but I would like to take a little moment to congratulate the organisers, helpers and techs that made all of these events a possibility. There is something deeply satisfying about helping other people do their thing, even when the hours are long or the thank-you is brief. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that every person who sold a ticket, cleaned a seat, checked a light, dried a glass, poured a drink, opened a curtain, served a sandwich, or otherwise re-arranged their personal live to suit whichever event(s) they were involved, in played a critical role in someone else’s desire to perform. I cannot thank you enough. You are literally keeping our theatre alive.

Now I can thank the people who entered, rehearsed and otherwise enjoyed the applause and adulation of the audience. You guys are also vital to theatre because, let’s face it, them lights are bright, the lines are hard to remember, the blocking seems to always change, and you have personal lives too. Getting up on stage in front of an audience is not something I particularly enjoy, but you people do, so go for it! Congratulations for getting up there and doing your thing! You are literally keeping our theatre alive.

It would be great to have a little rest now, though… oh, next week?… that’s a bit close…

oh… …and they can’t… …right…  …I don’t think I ca..  …oh… …hmmm…   ..but…



Yeah, I can help.