January Letter

January Letter

by January 6, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Getting right into the swing of things with The 41st Robert Finley Nominations Night at Irish Theatre Players’ favourite venue, The Irish Club of Western Australia, was a wonderful way to start the year. Over 100 people from Community Theatre came down and helped celebrate the wide range of nominations, interspersed with some light entertainment and a Birthday singalong. While all that was happening, people who weren’t able to attend were still able to congratulate the Nominees via Facebook as over 10 thousand people saw something about the event.

This was a huge win for the ITA because, as an association created to promote the theatre arts scene in Western Australia, the more people who hear about their friends and family being recognised by others for their involvement in theatre, the more likely they are give their support and encouragement to the theatre arts. This will hopefully create a more positive position for society at large to recognise that theatre is a worthwhile endeavour and might even help a few fence sitters to take the plunge into a show here and there.

Congratulations to the Committee for all their hard work and especially to Ryan Taaffe for making sure the hard work paid off, without your support and professionalism the objectives of the ITA would be unattainable.

Looking forwards in the year, we have the 41st Annual Robert Finley Awards night on the 16th of January, once again at the Heath Ledger Theatre in The State Theatre Centre of Western Australia. It’s a beautiful venue, there are plenty of seats, parking is available, Northbridge is next door, you should all come along and celebrate just how bloody brilliant Community Theatre was in 2015!

Dramafest and Youthfest will be hosted by Stirling Theatre Players this year. Finley Noms will be back at Irish Theatre Players again. Finley Awards are slated to be back in the Heath Ledger Theatre. It’s going to be a great year, I’m very much looking forward to it.

See you at the Finley’s


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