Finley Adjudicators

Finley Adjudicators

by June 5, 2017

Dear ITA members
Due to personal reasons Pauline Lawrence has had to withdraw from continuing as a Finley Adjudicator. Pauline has been a familiar face around community theatre for many years and has been member of various committees and assisted at many other clubs.
Pauline has been an adjudicator for the ITA for a number of years and we thank her for that service, She has also been the LINK editor and arrangements will be made to keep getting information out to you.

Once again we thank Pauline for her service and the role she has played for the ITA and wish her a speedy recovery. 

At this stage the ITA committee has made the decision not to replace Pauline at this point in the year and that three judges will continue to adjudicate for the rest of the year.

Thank you again Pauline!

Ryan Taaffe
Independent Theatre Association

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