Insurance and OSH

by January 29, 2018
Hello All
There seems to be some confusion circulating about insurances and the like for community theatre clubs.
Being a member of the ITA does not mean you are covered by our insurance. It means that you can access a discount from AON Insurance for your own insurance because you are a member of a “peak” body.
To also clear up some other insurance related queries:
Public Liability Insurance does not cover people who volunteer for your organisation like cast and crew and committee etc. You need a separate volunteer insurance for this eventuality.
Being a community theatre club also doesn’t exempt you from having Occupational Health and Safety considerations also such as:
Emergency and Evacuation Plans
Risk Management Plans
Public and Volunteer Insurance
Safe Work Assessment Sheets
Job Safety Assessments
and some other things.
if there is enough interest regarding insurance and OSH then I will organise some workshops for us to come together as a sector. Please let me know if you are interested.

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