News from the ITA Committee

News from the ITA Committee

by March 15, 2018

Dear Members

The new ITA committee had their first meeting on the 4/3/18 and a couple of important decisions were made. I apologise for the delay in communicating these but it has been a busy time at work.

Youthfest and Dramafest

After a number of years of dwindling entries for Dramafest, the decision has been made to bring the two festivals back together. Youthfest and Dramafest will happen over the 14th, 15, and 16th of September. Youthfest will take place during the day on the 15th and 16th and Dramafest will take place during the night over the 14th to the 16th. The awards ceremony will take place on a new date.

The festivals will also be combined with an ITA conference that will concentrate on the areas of Insurance, Occupational Health and Safety, Marketing, Audience Development and Community Engagement.

More details will be available as soon as we have them.

Nominations Night

Nominations night this year will go digital!

The Nominations Night will be live streamed over the internet allowing each member club to access the feed and have their own nominations night celebration in the comfort of their own theatre and show it on the big screen or whatever size screen you have.

As always we will have more information to you as soon as it is available.

See you at the theatre
Ryan Taaffe
Independent Theatre Association of WA

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