Harbour Theatre

Harbour Theatre [two_third]

Enquiries: (08) 9433 6260

Website: www.harbourtheatre.org.au

Over the last 50 years Harbour Theatre has entertained tens of thousands of people. The variety of plays we have offered the public range from drama to comedy, whodunit to tragedy and murder to farce. About the only genre we haven’t attempted is Shakespeare and musicals. Yet! Over the years Harbour has produced hundreds of full length plays, countless one-act plays and many Christmas Revues. These have earned us many awards in several of the theatre festivals held in and around Perth, and helped local charitable organisations to raise thousands of dollars for their causes. As a not-for-profit theatre, all proceeds raised by our productions are channeled back into the club so we can continue offering quality community theatre to the residents of Fremantle.


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