Changes to Dramafest 2014

What is different in 2014?

This year Dramafest is undergoing some changes. It is hoped that these changes will help to revitalise the competition, and make it more relevant to theatre community members and the community at large.


Major changes:



Emma Marie Davis : Festival Director for 2014

The introduction of a new Festival Director.


The first big change is the introduction of our new Festival Director who will be acting on behalf of the ITA to liaise with Dramafest participants and organise all aspects of Dramafest. For this position we have appointed Emma Marie Davis. To contact Emma please email her at or mail PO Box 2 COMO WA 6952. Emma can also be found on Facebook or visit her website.


Change of performance from a weekend event to a week long event.

In the past Dramafest has been held on the long weekend in September. This year we are trialling a new approach where performances will be held across the week during the evenings from Monday to Saturday. Each evening will involve a select number of plays to be performed to allow more audiences to enjoy Dramafest and come and support their friends, family members and clubs.


Lowering of entry fees for all participants to $30.

The changes to Dramafest can be daunting for some people and exciting for others. In order to introduce these changes to the greatest number of people we have decided to lower all entry fees for this year’s competition to $30. This reduction is especially appealing for new directors, writers and performers who may not be familiar with Dramafest while allowing the well seasoned Dramafest participants the opportunity to trial the new format.


Introduction of a Gala evening and awards night.


The final evening of the week will culminate in a gala evening for all participants. Cast, technical crew, directors, producers and volunteers will receive an exclusive free invite to the gala evening. The evening is a celebration of the week’s achievements with food, drink and of course the award ceremony.


New presentation category.


This year we have decided to trial a new category of performance which will play in between the set changes of the main festival programme. This new category will allow for performances of up to 10minutes duration. Acts in this category may be one person shows, monologues or cabaret type performances.