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‘The Awakening’ and ‘Elephant Dreaming’ reviewed by Gordon the Optom

There are two plays being presented for the low price of one; they are ‘Elephant Dreaming’ and ‘The Awakening’.

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‘The Townspeople and the Plague’ reviewed by Gordon the Optom

‘The Townspeople and the Plague’ is a madcap, absurdist play written by Anthony K. J. Smith, a Murdoch philosophy student with a special interest in Indigenous and gender studies. This one-hour, adult, post-modern production is being presented at the Drama

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‘Hospital Beds’ Reviewed by Gordon the Optom

‘Hospital Beds – how to treat an Iceberg’ is a storyline superbly constructed by Murdoch student, Scott McArdle. Presented by Second Chance Theatre, this crowning glory to the end of a most successful year, premiered at Nexus Theatre on Thursday

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