2014 Session Times

2014 Session Times

by September 1, 2014

Session Information

The final touches on session information have been finished off and we are now thrilled to present you with the line up for Dramafest 2014!

Monday 22nd September Session One 7:30pm

Youthfest Winner / Runner Up

Synopsis: The Winner(or Runner Up) of the Youthfest program from the previous weekend.

Cast: To be announced

Director: To be announced

The Man Who Couldn't Dance (10 Minute Spotlight)

Synopsis: A man goes to visit his ex-lover to meet her husband and new baby. He believes that their relationship ended because he could not dance. She starts to teach him dancing.

Producer: Actors’ Hub

Flight of Fancy

Synopsis: Amanda and Michael are having communication issues. One thing leads to another, and they each decide to plan a surprise holiday for two… Could one conversation turn their world upside down?

Cast: Luke Miller, Shelly Miller, Claudia Lloyd, Charles Pratt

Directer: Luke Heath

Producer: Garrick Theatre

At Home With the Herringbones

Synopsis: Lord Herringbone, an aging relic of the ruling class in Britain, and his wife live in a crumbling country house. Their butler, Wick, is also fast approaching his “use-by” date. The Herringbones are just about broke due to bad investments by the previous Lord Herringbone, and death duties. To make matters worse, an unexpected guest turns their world upside down.

Cast: Fran Gordon, Paul Anderson, Peter Flanigan, Alexandra D’Ulisse, Georgi Ivers

Director: Bob Charteris

Producer: Stirling Theatre

Wednesday 24th September Session Two 7:30pm

My Socks Stay On

Synopsis: Jenny and Scott are on their first date, and it would probably go well if they weren’t so distracted by their own insecurities that they can’t even finish dinner. Things are gonna get awkward.

Cast: Hannah Moran, Annabel Maclean, Josh Lang, Brendan Ellis.

Director: Matthew Randall

Producer: Stirling Players Youth

Flop Cop (10 Minute Spotlight)

Synopsis: A police officer is summoned to subdue an out-of-control playwright, who has set up siege in a theatre, and is threatening to deliver his monologue.

Producer: Actors’ Hub

Picasso's Women (Dora)

Synopsis: Dora Maar was talented in her own right as an artist and photographer and mixed with many famous people. Called Picasso’s “Private muse”. She was with him for nine years. Subjected to constant abuse and psychotherapy, she was the subject of many paintings and drawings. Dora was Picasso’s famous “Weeping Woman” as she always seemed so sad.

Cast: Sharnya Thompson, Nadia Collins

Director: Christine Ellis

Producer: Blak Yak Theatre Company


Synopsis: What’s it like to be awake when the rest of your world is asleep? Meet an early-morning jogger, a radio DJ whose show may have an audience of none, a modern Romeo and Juliet, the author of a most unusual letter, and many other teen characters as they search for connection in the magic hour. Through a series of connected scenes and monologues, join them on their journey as they discover whether the monster under the bed is real and collectively wonder…is there anybody out there?

Cast: Rebecca Cole, Jenna Verryn, Luke Wilson, Harry McGrath, Dani Fynn, Harry Sanderson, Lara Borshoff, Tashi Stewart, Elise Wilson, Nick Morlet.

Director: Rebecca Cole

Producer: Rupert Williamson

Friday 26th September Session Three 7:30pm


Synopsis: 17 year old Skye has reached the happiest point in her life: Enjoying year 12 , blessede with a newly happy family and found what she believes to be true love. Little does she know that this can so easily be taken away from her. When Skye gets into a car accident and put into a comatose state , her life as she has always known it takes a dramatic turn for the worst

Cast: Brittany Isaia, Shannen Precious, Sam Dunlop, Briony Kennedy, Elizebeth Offer, Nicola D Kinnane, Deakhan Lowrie, Shelly Miller, Luke Miller and Scott Piper.

Director: Gail Lusted, Assist: Katie Tonner

Author: Brittany Isaia

Producer: Garrick Theatre

Two and a Half Pints (10 Minute Spotlight)

Director: Andre Victor

Producer: Roleystone Theatre

After Life: The Essential Handbook

Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what comes after death? Throught history people have asked this questionand now, we have the answer.Amber Jennings soon discovers that the great beyond is nothinglike any portrayals in the movie. To her surprise there are not only a strict set of rules , but there is actual work to be done. It seems that , in order for the living to have their world, the non- living must do their jobsto keep it running smoothly. or somewhat so. But when a certain man with mysteriousagendas arrives , Amber and her team do what anyone on the side of the “good” would assume ; eradicate the darkness and keep the light ablaze.After Life ; The Essential Handbook answers all those questions we have so long been seeking. This guide informs us of how not everything is black and white especially after life.

Cast: Georgia Rodgers, Ben Adcock, Liam Longley, Chelsea Gibson, Daniel Slee, Natalie Cox, Madeleine Shaw, Kieran Theseeira, James Riseborough, Ferida Mousavi, Chantelle Schuurmans and Alison Seiler.

Director: Emily Theseira

Producer: Garrick Theatre

Youthfest Winner / Runner Up

Synopsis: The Winner(or Runner Up) of the Youthfest program from the previous weekend.

Cast: To be announced

Director: To be announced

Saturday 27th September Session Four 2:00pm

The Broken Slipper

Synopsis: Cinderella appears before the Fairytale Tribunal as she has broken the rules by fleeing her story and refusing to marry Prince Charming. Grandma (from Red Riding Hood) heads the Tribunal, the Wicked Witch (from Hansel and Gretel) is second in charge and Snow White is the Administrator and Secretary. Mayhem and hilarity reign as Cinderella’s fate is decided. Not only are fairytales fractured, they are smashed to smithereens. Will anyone live happily ever after?

Cast: Sharon Greenock, Clayton Zwanenburg, Ursula Johnson, Sophie Prober, Sean Bullock.

Director: Alida Chaney

Producer: Playlovers

Warning: Sex & drug references and language.

The Promise of Being You (10 Minute Spotlight)

Synopsis: This short monologue explores the emotional journey of love, heartbreak, and the power of making and breaking promises. Carolyn takes us on a journey of coming to terms with her feelings and ghosts of her past that she has had put aside in a hope to forget. But as she is about realise, pushing aside her feelings and trying to forget doesn’t heal the wounds left behind from hurt and heartbreak.

Cast: Chloe Laffar.

Director: Chloe Laffar

Author: Daniel Martine

Producer: Chloe Laffar

A Duchess on Thursday

Synopsis: A young man lures a well-known actress to an old abandoned house. This house is familiar to her as a location set from a previous movie shoot. He has his own reasons for meeting her, which at first are not clear as she believes she has come to inspect an antique vase that is for sale. Upon meeting him she increasingly discovers that he may not be who she thinks he is, he knows far too much about her and his plans may have diabolical consequences.

Cast: Jennifer Nicholls, Lewis Johnston.

Director: Teresa Bennett

Author: Ian Austin

Producer: Goldfields Repertory Club


Director: Noel O’Neill

Producer: Old Mill Theatre

Saturday 27th September Session Five 7:30pm

I Dream Before I Take the Stand

Synopsis: A young womans walk through the park is turned into a living nightmare by a defence lawyer determined to get his client off in any way that he can. “…a riveting piece of theatre. The writing is pithy and fierce.” —New Jersey Independent

Cast: Meg Lefroy, Shaun Fessey.

Director: Aaron Pendlebury

Producer: Goldfields Repertory Club

The Drive (10 Minute Spotlight)

Synopsis: The Drive takes place on a windy country road at twilight. When two women are faced with a traumatic event that leaves them to question their self identity.

Cast: Katrina Johnston, Cassee Lazic.

Director: Clare Talbot

Producer: Clare Talbot

Mag and Bag

Synopsis: Two decrepit old women swear at each other to pass the time. Features very frequent, very offensive language, such as ‘f**k’, ‘c**t’ and Liberal.

Cast: Alana Saint, Karen Gurry.

Director: Dylan Sercombe

Producer: Goldfields Repertory Club

Warning: Frequent coarse language.

The Perfect Heart

Synopsis: Sarah is a young Australian girl, who has the chance at a full life, now she has received a compatible donor heart. But this soon changes, when she finds out through very unusual means, where her donor heart came from. Based on current events, The Perfect Heart presents us with a confronting moral dilemma, whereby one person dies under horrifying circumstances in order for another to live.

Cast: John de Beaux, Sarah Welsford, Kara Shaw, Meirion Griffiths, David Griffiths, Jill Griffiths, Sarah Langridge, Alison Seiler.

Director: Alison Seiler

Author: John de Beaux

Producer: Alison Seiler

Sunday 28th September Session Six 10:00am

Level 12

Synopsis: Jackson Spencer is late for his first day on the job. Florinda Gaenor-Boulton is heavily pregnant with her first child and could go into labour at any moment. M is heading home after another day at ‘work’. And then the lift breaks down. Each character has their own problems and their own secrets, many of which come to life as they await rescuing. Mature themes (sex and drug references) and coarse language.

Cast: Natalie Baggen, Ben Costantin, Nicola Chapman

Director: Sophie Prober

Author: Kate Beck

Producer: Blak Yak Theatre

Judgement Call (10 Minute Spotlight)

Synopsis: Three umpires are getting ready for their new season. One is haunted by a bad judgement call he gave last season that lead to a suicide.

Producer: Actors’ Hub

Cut it Out

Synopsis: Claire has been a self-harmer since the death of her twin sister. Why does she feel guilty, and why does her older sister feel guilty too? Why can’t they connect over this common bond? Will they ever connect? A gritty, emotional character piece.

Cast: Jamie Bialas, Emmalee Bialas, Phillippa Bialas.

Director: Adam Salathiel

Producer: Laughing Horse

Warning: Language Advisory – We have identified the following types of language in the text: Sexual swearwords, Offensive names for body parts, Mild swearwords, Potential blasphemy & Sexual slurs.

Love and Other Flushes

Synopsis: Justin and Melissa’s marriage is on the brink, they’ve come to Barb and her husband for marriage counseling, problem is Barb has just ended her marriage of 28 years and kicked her husband out. Along comes the plumber to fix the toilets just as the young couple arrives…..

Cast: Peter Neaves Gael, Campbell-Young, Sam Barnett, Nichols Chapman.

Director: Kelly van Geest

Author: Hugh O’Brien

Producer: Laughing Horse

Sunday 28th September Session Seven 2:00pm

Hotel L'Amour

Synopsis: High farce. An Australian country pub has been transformed into ‘French provincial chic’ as a theme hotel to attract both tourists and those otherwise ‘romantically’ inclined! It’s a crazy, stormy night when three clients find themselves booked into the same room — the only one left. In town for the cattle auction, Laurence just wants a good night’s sleep, but ‘fantasy tourists’ Maroniste and Chiquit (really Megan and Jackie) can’t believe their luck!

Cast: David Cosgrove, Anne Speicher, Vickie Billingham, Olivia Colja.

Director: John Senczuk Assist: Peter Bibby

Author: Peter Leonard Bibby

Producer: Playlovers

The Cost of Living (10 Minute Spotlight)

Synopsis: Set in present day, a young man walks through the city, observing life as it passes by. He believes living here is great,  there is so much natural beauty and there are interesting things to do, but with the cost of living rising he thinks it is becoming too hard for people to make ends meet. Adrian Smith takes us on a journey through the streets of the city, giving us an honest and at times humorous view of our current times through his own eyes. What can we do to change this current situation? That is the question that this contemporay piece will attempt to answer.

Cast: Adrian Smith.

Director: Adrian Smith

Producer: Adrian Smith


Synopsis: Presented by Stirling Players Youth and the Shadowlight Darkly Theatre Company, ‘Sleepless’ is a contemporary piece based on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The show focuses on the fairies of MND and the complex relationship between Titania and Oberon which is fractured when she adopts a lost boy in the forest. Meanwhile the hapless humans stumble upon the fairies revels and must pay for their unwitting intrusion.

Cast: Oberon – Matt Randall, Titania – Angela Donlan, Bottom / Basil – Steve Anderson, Hermia – Kylie Webb, Helena – Ellie Prober, Lysander – Keren Schlink, Demetrious – Tahlia McQuade, Duck – Michael Moshos, Luck – Mia Robertson, Muck – Brendan Ellis Mustard Seed / Indian Boy – Benjamin Constantin, Parsley – Shannon Berry, Sage – Alana McKenzie, Rosemary – Sarah Cubbage, Thyme – Jessie Williams, Stage Manager / Light and Sound Operator – Teale Drake

Director: Josh “The Pirate” Walker

Producer: Stirling Players Youth

Under Any Old Gum Tree

Synopsis: It’s the story of Martin O’Meara VC and what’s been described as “one man’s journey into hell” as he came from Ireland to Australia and then from No Man’s Land to insanity. Written and directed by Noel O’Neill in association with the Australian-Irish Heritage Association the show includes songs and music written and dedicated to Martin O’Meara.

Cast:  Kieran Garvey, Rex Gray.

Director: Noel O’Neill

Author: Noel O’Neill

Producer: Old Mill Theatre

Sunday 28th September Gala Evening 5:00pm


Synopsis: This is a fully catered evening of celebrating the trials and triumphs of the 2014 State One-Act Drama Festival. Entry to the Gala is via INVITE ONLY. Get your invite by being involved with Dramafest or by purchasing a Dramafest 2014 Season Ticket (at any time).

Cast: Dramafest 2014 creatives, backstage crew, Support Staff & Season Ticket holders.

Director: Emma Marie Davis