June Letter

June Letter

by June 18, 2015

Western Australia has a vibrant and thriving community theatre scene. People from all over the state are involved, one way or another, in the lunacy of theatre life and I think our society is better for it. Culture isn’t just about consuming fine works though, it includes creating something for others to share in, whether that be the excitement of waiting for the curtain to go up; the sheer terror of wondering what your next line is or just knowing that – this time – all your cues will be perfect.

But what has been happening at the ITA recently? Firstly, we have designed and adopted a budget that aims to make the ITA a non-loss making enterprise. Part of our charge of running this association is being responsible for the final outcomes at the end of the year. In the same way that a theatre group cannot continually put on productions that make a loss, we have started to turn the boat in the right direction for the long term survivability of the Independent Theatre Association. An association which, I might remind you, currently receives no income other than memberships, adjudication fees and ticket sales to the three events we hold annually.

Secondly, in a move designed to relieve the greater part of the financial pressures on the association, the committee have decided not to renew the lease on the City West Lotteries House office. This will, as mentioned at the AGM at the start of the year, remove the biggest expense only item from the accounts ledger. That’s $21,000+ we don’t have to find in the next three years. Unfortunately this will not solve all our financial challenges, but it does make the task significantly easier. We have arranged for a temporary mail redirection so that all written mail will still be received and processed in the next few months.

We have also, in amongst all of this, been slowly getting the administration of the association under control. The process continues to be a long one, but I would like to think that once each area has been correctly set up, we will not have to revisit it until the next AGM at which time any hand over process will be easy to explain and simple to perform.

The process for submitting Finley Entries is currently being reviewed, as are the requirements for submitting them “on time”. As we are sending Adjudicators to an ever increasing number of shows I need to remind you all that scheduling a physical appearance takes time and, as far as the committee are aware, it still remains impossible for a person to be in two places at once. Our current solution to this is to introduce a “Late Entry Fee” that will hopefully encourage competitors to submit their entries on time but will also allow those who genuinely forget them to still have the option to enter their production. As with all of our adjudicated events, the backstage/preparation of a production is part of the whole and cannot be ignored.

Dramafest and Youthfest are fast approaching and we should have information/entry packs available in the next few weeks.


Ben Davis