August Letter

August Letter

by August 4, 2015

Greetings Everyone!

July – a time of Secret Santa’s, Captive Nations awareness and some serious movement of paper from one side of a desk to the other – has passed and with it the 6 auditions, 8 plays and 3 musicals that Community Theatre staged. I would say that people in Perth have almost enough culture to keep them busy – almost – but then August, Traditionally a time for conquering Egypt with your Roman Army, is shaping up to be quite a cornucopia of theatre viewing options as well.

With all this action on stage, you can be sure there has been far more preparation and movement backstage as the Things That Need To Be Done are taken care of. This is also true for the ITA Committee as the lead up to September is starting to get into full swing as entries for Dramafest and Youthfest are on the increase. We are quietly confident that both festivals will be better organised and more popular than ever. I hope that our community can find even more reasons to come together around our shared love of the theatre experience these festivals promote. If you want more information please have a look on our website, Facebook page or send me an email (

We are also in the process of updating our main website to a brighter and slightly more mobile device friendly look. With all the marvellous reviews that Gordon has been stoically writing over the past two plus years and the recent addition of some radio interviews from Malti and her friends, the Committee thought it was high time to frock up and put their work on show. If you have an interest in writing something that you would like to have included on our website, please get in contact and let us know what you would like to do. We are open to many ideas, but short on volunteers.

“Sat celeriter fieri, quidquid fiat satis bene.”