Youthfest 2015 results

Youthfest 2015 results

by September 21, 2015

2015 Awards

The Melville Theatre Encouragement Award
Annelies Day and Paige Kataneksza, Lighting Operators (Sawyers Valley Primary School — The Grunch)

Best Actress (Junior)
Georgina Ferriera (Stirling Players Youth — Twice Upon A Time)

Best Actor (Junior)
Robbie Lobo (Sawyers Valley Primary School — The Grunch)

Best Director (Junior)
Andie Holborn (Stirling Players Youth — Twice Upon A Time)

The Jack and Mavis Hart Award for Best Junior Production
Stirling Players Youth – Twice Upon A Time

Most Innovative Production (Combined)
High Stakes — St Norberts College

Encouragement Award (Senior)
Sean Spiegl, playing Mr White (St Norberts College — To Have And To Hold)

Best Actor (Senior)
Leo Rimmer playing M. R. Irvine (KADS — The Audition)

Best Actress (Senior)
Roisin Nash playing Elizabeth (Playlovers — The Wardrobe)

Best Stage Manager
Kerri Hilton (St Norberts College)

Best Director
Beth Shaw and Kimberly Shaw (Playlovers — The Wardrobe)

The Ann Hill Award for Best Senior Production
Playlovers — The Wardrobe

Adjudicator Certificates

For Outstanding Costumes
The Selfish Ladybird – Sawyers Vally Primary School

For Enthusiasm and Energy
The Grasshoppers – The Selfish Ladybird Sawyers Valley Primary School

For entertainment and characterisation
The Flowers – The Selfish Ladybird Sawyers Valley Primary School

For Creation of Atmosphere
The Storytellers – Twice Upon A Time Stirling Players

For Energy and enthusiasm
The Dwarves – Twice Upon A Time Stirling Players

For characterisation and ensemble play
The Witches Three – Twice Upon A Time Stirling Players

For Energy and Enthusiasm
The Cast of The Grunch – Sawyers Valley Primary School

For Sound Operation
Riley Hausler – Sawyers Valley Primary School

For Grace Under Pressure
Kristen Twynam-Perkins (For stepping in to the teacher role in War At Home and keeping the show going)

For Superb Timing and Ensemble Reactions
The entire cast of High Stakes

For Bold Characterisation
Neve Havercroft, playing Stage Manager, The Audition.

For Powerful Stage Presence
Alexia Porcaro, To Have And To Hold

For Emotional Connection and Stakes
Seamus Harrison, The Wardrobe

For Best live music
Violin Player, War At Home

For Lighting Operation
Catherine O’Donaghue, The Wardrobe Playlovers

Thank you to everybody who joined in the event and helped demonstrate why the arts are such an entertaining and important part of our lives.

Thank you also to Playlovers for hosting the event; John Woolrych for preparing the stage and operating the lights; Ryan Taaffe, Executive Officer of CircuitWest, for Adjudicating the Junior section and Matt Edgerton, Artistic Director of Barking Gecko Theatre, for Adjudicating the Senior section.