Feedback Requested

Feedback Requested

by August 2, 2016

Hello All

It has come to my attention that a number of clubs are unhappy with the process of going to the ITA website to either download a form they require or to fill in the form online and have it automatically sent to the ITA.

We have used this as a central location to stop the historical situation of posting out mail and people saying that they do not have the mail that was sent.

Anecdotal reports are also coming in that people are not receiving the LINK by either email or post. These are being sent to the addresses on file for member clubs and personal members.

If either of these are a situation that you find yourself in can you please contact me: so that I can discuss with you the issues with website and also confirm contact details for your membership and what we have on file.

We acknowledge that the ITA did not send hard copy renewals in the mail at the time that renewals were due but since then a number of communications have been made through Facebook and the link and other forms to communicate where these forms are.

Please also not under the rules that if memberships fees haven’t been paid it makes you ineligible for the Finley Awards.

Hoping to hear from you.

Thanks all