Robert Finley Award Announcement

Robert Finley Award Announcement

by April 19, 2017

After seeking a venue since January for the event to be held The Robert Finley Awards will be held on Sunday the 17th December 2017 at the State Theatre Centre of WA.

Due to a number of venues having maintenance on, or having other bookings that have been booked for over a year the decision was made to once again hold the event early.

The event time will remain the same. Shows that have entered the Finleys will be adjudicated prior to this date or arrangements will be made with those clubs affected to include them in the next Finley year.

We are endeavouring to give you all as much notice as possible, but we have only been able to make this arrangement with the State Theatre Centre due to bookings that they have only just been able to confirm.

We look forward to another wonderful night.