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For thirty years now the Irish Theatre Players have enjoyed the distinction of being the only amateur theatre group in Australia that specialises in Irish plays.

Starting with our first production of Sean O’Casey’s, Juno and the Paycock, in 1981, directed by Bill Motherway, the group has gone on to produce classics of Irish theatre from: J.M. Synge to Brendan Behan; Brian Friel to Hugh Leonard; J.B. Keane to Roddy Doyle; Joseph O’Connor to Martin McDonagh; with a bit of Joyce, Beckett and Yeats thrown in for good measure, and many, many more.

We are proud of our achievements over the last three decades and continue to be proud of what we produce.

It is a testament to the literary output of Ireland and the commitment of the ex-pat Irish in Perth, and the Australians with a connection to Irish culture or sense of ‘craic’, that the Irish Theatre Players continue to evolve and achieve the high level of quality productions we are now renowned for.

Come along and enjoy our shows; we do it for the love of drama, and Irish drama in particular. If you desire to be elated, shocked, devastated, horrified, cracked up, and all in equal measure… there is no better theatre group than the Irish Theatre Players to provide the range of human experience that only great drama can provide…


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