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‘The Wizard of Oz – A Pantomime’ reviewed by Gordon the Optom

A good old fashioned pantomime, very well presented

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‘A Love Affair’ reviewed by Gordon the Optom

‘A Love Affair’ is a semi-autobiographical play by American TV scriptwriter, Jerry Mayer. It is a community theatre production by Fremantle’s Harbour Theatre Group, who after 51 years in Fremantle, are now performing at their temporary home the Camelot Theatre,

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‘Don Parties On’ reviewed by Gordon the Optom

‘Don Parties On’ was written by Australia’s best-selling playwright, the phenomenon known as David Williamson. This is the two-hour sequel to Williamson’s 1971 massive hit, ‘Don’s Party’. This play premiered in January 2011 at the Melbourne Arts Centre Playhouse. This

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